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QEmails is a simple solution for sending your regular newsletters, from small lists with just a few members to larger lists with thousands of members QEmails will handle it with ease.

To start sending your newsletters just set up an account it is as easy as ABC.

A -create your User Account,

B - seect a subscription pack,

C - authorise your new account,

you are now ready set start sending newsletters, all that remains to do is

A - set up your Subscribers,

B - design you newsletter,

C - create a subscribers mailing list,

D - create campaign which links the mailing list to the newsletter, send campaign.

QEmails provides you with a range of tools to provide you with reports on the newsletters you have sent:

  1. Bounce reporting, send to bounce ratio, identify actual bounced address's,
  2. Open newsletters, send to open ratio, subscriber open rate.

In addition QEmails provides a range of features to simplify the design and sending of newsłetters:

  1. Microsoft Word style newsletter editor,
  2. Advance image upload and control system,
  3. Subscriber opt out on all newsletters,
  4. Web view option on all newsletters,
  5. Subscriber list upload from Microsoft Excel or CSV spreadsheet,
  6. Personalise each newsletter with our optional Salutation messages,
  7. Optional Control Message, send a copy of each newsletter to yourself or a colleague,

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